Preparing for Fall and Winter

With summer wrapping up, now is the time to start planning for fall.

Some areas to keep in mind for this fall:

Aerating your lawn and feeding it will help the water and nutrients reach the soil for a healthy lawn come spring.

It is also a good time to plant new shrubs and cut back the perennials. Planting shrubs in early fall gives the plants a head start at establishing roots in the season’s cool, moist soil.

Don’t forget your walkways and patio’s!
The fall is an important time to fill in cracks and ensure that your walkway will hold up through Maine’s harsh winter.

UrbanYardology will prepare your yard for fall and winter. We also do seasonal garden design. Weather you want a fall theme or holiday decorations, if it is outside, we do it all!

1 thought on “Preparing for Fall and Winter

  1. When I was growing up in Kingsville TX with my wise old grandmother, she had the most beautiful yard in all of South Texas. Should I tell you that I was the one who fertilized it, watered it, sprayed insecticidal soap on the chinch bugs, and mowed the lawn twice a week? That was in 1966-1973. I have had dozens of homes in dozens of states and have yet to have a yard. The only house I bought that had a yard lost that yard a day after I closed escrow.

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