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Shrubs are what I call the workhorse of the garden. They define space, direct foot traffic, create privacy and mask trouble areas. When designing I always take into account that every well dress property includes a foundation shrub which visually anchors a site. Like magic a foundation shrub creates a textured transition between lawn and home.

When you are selecting shrubs, take all four seasons into account

  • Colorful Stems
  • Branch Patterns
  • Foliage Color
  • Flowers and Fruit

The natural shape of a shrub is called its “form”.

Round and upright create structure and are used generally to create screens and backdrops or visually anchor the corners of a home. yew

Cushion/mounding shrubs naturally grown into mounds so they are ideal for foundation plantings where neatness is a priority.


Open and upright are a fine accent plant because they usually are deciduous plants with showy blooms, ideal if they are weaved in with evergreens. rhode.gif

Spreading shrubs have a low horizontal pattern so they can be used almost like ground covers.
creeping juniper

Fountain shrubs provide amazing fireworks when in bloom. They are used to accent corners, anchor large flower beds or define boundaries.

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