The CreativePro Team

Since 1999, CreativePro has provided essential “how-to” training and inspiration to millions of graphic designers, educators, marketing professionals, and production artists. Our philosophy — Learn, Create, Share — drives us to provide year-round, full-circle learning to support your creativity and career.

David Blatner
30+ years writing, training, and consulting in the graphic arts and publishing industry; author of 45 books and 35 video courses; plays a mean didjeridoo and knows 4 guitar chords.

Anne-Marie Concepción
Co-founder, Editorial Advisor
Digital publishing expert, certified Adobe instructor; authored over 25 courses on Learning. Interests: beautiful grandson and two cute dogs, RV-ing; collecting seashells.

Mike Rankin
Editor in Chief
25+ years experience in publishing, editorial, design, and production. LinkedInLearning Instructor with video courses on InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, and Affinity Publisher.

Marci Eversole
Director of Events and Sales
Over 30 years of experience producing events all over the world, for graphic designers, web developers, Deadheads, and more. After living 6 years in Northern CA with no electricity Marci enjoys having 5 different remotes to run her media system while cuddling with her two cats.

Brad Miller
Director of Marketing
15+ years of experience in digital and traditional marketing and brand management, email marketing, and social media strategy; interests include guitar, Phish, Ziggy the Dog

Erica Gamet
Content Diva, Communities
30+ years in graphics industry; curate content and community at CPN; quarantine hobbies include learning drums and Swedish; may or may not be joining a Scandinavian speed metal band.

Kat Meyer
Program Content Manager
Crafting content and communications strategy for the publishing, digital media, #A11y, and art/design industries. Interests: Oona the pug, cooking, eating, reading, movies, traveling, hanging with my 4 sisters, and binge-watching old reality tv shows.

Melissa Stanley
Customer Success and Project  Management
Melissa has been wrangling timelines, helping clients, drafting contracts, and building SOPs for over 15 years. When not designing spreadsheets, she’s designing beer labels, fantasy illustrations, and magical creatures.

Bob Cox
Corporate Partnerships, Sales
13+ years connecting, creating, and implementing successful sponsorships. He’s worked with an array of companies from Fortune 500 to grassroots brands. His philosophy is don’t just sell something, make connections that matter.

Mark Radonich
Director of Change and Culture
Organizational, learning and leadership management consultant; serial entrepreneur active in in startup, arts, non-profit and enterprise organizations; Interests: basketball enthusiast, community contributor and urban cyclist.

Kira Gehle
Marketing Coordinator
Jack-of-all-trades and wearer of many hats with a background in graphic design; manages social media and marketing content for CreativePro; passionate about building communities, books, and Conan O'Brien.