In the Garden (2018)

I’m always amazed by the amount of new product and plant varieties that seem to come to market every new year. It’s like the car industry and how every year they seem to roll out a new model. Apparently I’m finding the same applies to the garden and the products that tie into it. I’m going to take this opportunity and list a few of these new plants and products available for the 2018 growing season.

Ball FloraPlant is the leader in propagated plant varieties and has introduced two of my potential favorites.

The “Waterfall” whitebush Lobelia is another great basket or container option.

Photo by Ball Horticultural

The “Lucky” Red Lantana stands up to heat, drought and other stressful conditions. Which is perfect for those Southwestern locations that deal with droughts on a regular occurrence.

Photo by Ball Horticultural

Ball FloraPlant

I try each year to find products that are helpful and practical to fellow gardener’s. The four pictures bellow do just that with ease of use, product validity and efficiency.

Photos courtesy of Gardiner Supply Co.


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